Civil War Songs for the Mountain Dulcimer

$25 (includes enhanced companion CD)


Like my other books, Civil War Songs features high quality, easy-to-read tablature printed on high quality paper.  The book is bound in such a way that one can lay the book out flat to any page.  Like most of my other books, it also has a chord chart, instructions on how to read tablature, and an alphabetical index of songs.

However, in many ways it is unlike my other books.  I've included a complete set of lyrics as well as an interesting historical note for every song .  There are more pictures, many taken from archived photographs and drawings from the period.  The companion CD is enhanced, which means that in addition to using it in a CD player, it also has data that can be read in a computer.  On many songs, I tabbed out several different versions (i.e. - crosspicked and one-string versions, DAd and DGd tunings, capoed and non-capoed versions) as I was looking for just the right one to include in the book.  I couldn't afford to print all of the versions because it would have priced the book out of the market.  It's already the largest book I've ever done with 74 pages.  So, I decided to include supplemental versions of many of the songs available to book owners on the CD.

Civil War reenactors, I hope this book will be a valuable resource to you.  Although not widely known, the dulcimer was definitely around in the Civil War, and this book could serve as a way to introduce the dulcimer and many of the songs of the era into your reenactments.

SONGS INCLUDED (in alphabetical order)

All Quiet along the Potomac Tonight

Battle Cry of Freedom

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Battle of Shiloh Hill

Bonnie Blue Flag, The

Break It Gently to My Mother

Cruel War Is Raging, The

Dixie Land


Faded Coat of Blue

Glory! Glory!

Goober Peas

Grafted into the Army

Here’s Your Mule

How Are You Green-backs

Just Before the Battle, Mother

Lincoln and Liberty

Marching Through Georgia

No More Auction Block for Me

Oh, Freedom

Old Black Joe

Tenting on the Old Campground

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!

Vacant Chair, The

Weeping, Sad, and Lonely

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Who Will Care for Mother Now?

Willie Has Gone to the War

Yellow Rose of Texas